What Is a English Bulldog?One of the most popular mascots for colleges, universities, and sporting teams in the world is the English Bulldog. Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and California State University, Fresno, both have Bulldog mascots, as does the University of North Carolina in Asheville. James Madison University’s Bulldog mascot is called the Duke Dog, Mississippi State University’s Bulldog is Bully, and the University of Puerto Rico’s mascot is Tarzan.
Bulldogs are also popular with sporting teams. Great Britain’s Rugby League has a team called the Batley Bulldogs. In South Africa, another rugby team is called the Border Bulldogs, and in Denmark, an ice hockey team is called the Odense Bulldogs.
The most popular Bulldog mascot of all has to be the U.S. Marine Corps’ Chesty. During World War I, the Germans called the U.S. Marines teufel-hun¬den, which means “devil dogs”. Teufel-hunden were fictitious ferocious dogs of German folklore. The Marines, of course, took this as a compliment. The first Bulldog to serve as a U.S. Marines mascot was Pvt. Jiggs in 1922, and he has been followed by numerous other Bulldogs –  all serving in the image of the teufel-hunden.
Why are English Bulldogs so popular as mascots? They are tenacious and single-minded; they are courageous and fearless; and they are devoted and loyal. All of these characteristics are admired by sports competitors, fans, and warriors alike.
Although a English Bulldog is a symbol of tenacity, courage, and strength, he is also more than that. If given half a chance, he will be one of the best friends you will ever have. He accepts you as you are, whether you are a success or a failure, happy or sad, lazy or energetic, young or old.

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