English or American Bulldog?The Bulldog discussed in this book is the breed that is called simply Bulldog. Years ago, when the breed originated in Great Britain, it was known as the English Bulldog. Although many enthusiasts still call the short, stocky dogs by this name, the breed’s correct name as it is recognized by the American Kennel Club is simply Bulldog.
The American Bulldog is a completely different breed. Although the American Bulldog has a shared British heritage with the original Bulldog, today it is a taller, longer-legged dog who looks little like the Bulldog of today. This breed developed in the American colonies with early settlers and was used as a hunting dog, herding dog, and companion.
The dogs now known as Old English Bulldogge are yet another breed that shares a heritage with the English Bulldog. Enthusiasts have tried to re-create the Bulldogs of yesteryear—a short, stocky dog with a wide chest—but without the exaggerated features of the Bulldog of today.
All of these breeds have their own unique characteristics, and people enjoy them for what they are. However, in this book, we’re talking about the Bulldog who is called just that: the Bulldog.

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