English Bulldog TodayThe breeders and fanciers of the English Bulldog have taken part in a remarkable process of evolution. Although it has taken many, many years, a snarling, fighting, aggressive animal has been changed into a gentle, quiet companion. Bulldogs have gone from bull-baiting arenas and fighting rings to becoming the beloved mascots of football teams. Many colleges have the English Bulldog as their sports mascot because of the Bulldog’s history of giving her all to be the winner. Today we expect to see the Yale Bulldog or the Butler Bulldog sitting on the team bench. Many high schools throughout the nation also have Bulldog mascots, hoping that the Bulldog tenacity will somehow rub off on their team.
Advertisers are using the Bulldog more and more to attract public attention to their products. Mack trucks were long represented by a Bulldog. The term Bulldog grip is often used to describe the hold of various tools, especially wrenches and pliers. The English Bulldogs appearance is unique, and she gives a good account of herself before the camera.
The English Bulldog who played Lucky Dog entertained us at dog shows as he toted his Purina dog food. Many of us enjoyed the television series Jake and the Fatman because we always anxiously awaited the appearance of Max (actually, Ch. Breckley Buford Win and Grin). In addition to his skills as an entertainer, this dog won his AKC championship and Companion Dog obedience title all in one year. He brought honor to the breed and joy to his owners.

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