English Bulldog MythologyThere are many myths about English Bulldogs. Some may have a basis in reality, while others do not. Many are rooted in the Bulldog’s original occupation as a fighting dog. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths.

English Bulldogs Are Dangerous Around Livestock

This originated from the breed’s ancestral job of fighting bulls and other large animals. Bulldogs today have no desire to attack larger animals. Most Bulldogs have probably never even seen a bull, and if they did, would have no idea what to do with it!
That said, if a large animal were to charge you while your Bulldog was with you, your dog would not back down from the challenge. Unfortunately, your Bulldog might get hurt in the process, because the breed we know today as a English Bulldog is very different from the dogs who were used for fighting many years ago. So try not to put your Bulldog in a position where he might be faced with such a situation.

English Bulldogs Fight Other Dogs

During the era of the blood sports, dogs were used to fight many other animals, including other dogs. Dogfighting became even more popular when blood sports were made illegal and the fighting went underground. Today’s Bulldog, however, is mellow and calm compared to those dogs of yesteryear. Bulldogs are usually more interested in playing than squabbling.
Bulldogs are very strong for their size, though, and can be quite physical. Many dogs of other breeds play much differently and may not like the way Bulldogs play. This can lead to disagreements –  growling, raised hackles, and even dogfights. Even though a Bulldog will rarely begin a fight, if one is brought to him, he won’t back down.

English Bulldogs Are Not Safe Around Children

As with the previous two myths, this probably originates with the breed’s history. And although Bulldogs are great with kids, the sad fact is that many children are hurt or killed by dogs every year. Dogs of all breeds, even small breeds, have bitten children in a variety of situations.
It’s important that parents teach their children the rules of interacting with dogs safely and teach their dogs to be calm and gentle with the kids. In addition, dogs and children should never be left alone together without parental supervision.
This said, Bulldogs are great with kids. They tolerate play that many other dogs will protest, and they are incredibly patient with kids’ games. Numerous Bulldogs have been dressed in baby clothes, complete with frilly hats that look so wrong above that Bulldog face!
When dogs and children both are taught the rules for correct behavior with each other, English Bulldogs can be great family pets.

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