English Bulldog - Mouth and Gums

If you start when your English Bulldog is a puppy, keeping his teeth clean can be easy. Take some gauze from your first-aid kit and wrap it around your index finger. Dampen it and dip it in baking soda. With your Bulldog on his back in your lap, take that baking soda and rub it over your dog’s teeth, working gently over each tooth, the inside and the outside, and into the gum line, taking care not to hurt the dog. Talk to him as you rub and praise him for his cooperation.
The rubbing action of the rough gauze and the chemical characteristics of the baking soda will help prevent plaque formation and will get rid of the bacteria that form on the teeth and gums.
Do two or three teeth and let your Bulldog have a drink. Then work on a couple more. You may even want to break it into several sessions, doing half or a quarter of the dog’s mouth at each session.

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