English Bulldog’s CharacterEnglish Bulldogs, especially Bulldog puppies, can be silly creatures. With a perpetual smile on their faces, Bulldogs love to have fun. And when their owners laugh, Bulldogs get even sillier, wiggling the back half of their body, walking sideways, and panting with joy. But Bulldogs are also devoted, dedicated companions who know no fear and will protect their people at all costs.

Friends and Companions

English Bulldog today is first and foremost a companion. This is not a dog to be left in the backyard for hours at a time. Rather, he deserves a spot on the floor at your feet, or better yet, a place on the sofa right next to you.
Bulldogs are loyal, affectionate companions who will greet you with a smiling face and wiggling body each time you come home –  and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been gone five minutes or five hours. Bulldogs are great family dogs, and although puppies can be clumsy and rowdy, the breed is known to be very patient with children.


English Bulldogs have a reputation for being difficult to train. This usually comes about because the owner or trainer tried to use very forceful or rough training techniques. Bulldogs have a very well-developed sense of what is fair, and rough training techniques will cause the dog to rebel or stop trying. If you try to gain the dog’s cooperation instead and find out what motivates the dog (food rewards, toys, verbal praise, or a play session), you’ll find out that Bulldogs are very trainable.
Many Bulldogs have competed successfully in many dog sports, including competitive obedience, agility, and flyball. English Bulldogs have also served as wonderful therapy dogs.
If English Bulldogs have a weakness, it is that they are not always as willing to please their owners as they are to please themselves. Bulldogs know what they want –  comfort, a chance to snooze in the sunshine, food, or a favorite toy. Repeating obedience commands or exercises isn’t always on the Bulldog’s list of favorite things to do. So it’s the wise owner who learns how to motivate their Bulldog so they can gain his cooperation.

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