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11 p.m.    Lay out easy-on clothes and shoes before going to bed. There will be no time to choose your wardrobe in the morning when you jump out of bed to take your pup to her potty place. And don’t forget your house keys!
7:00 a.m. Get up and take the puppy from her sleeping crate directly to the potty spot. Carry her if necessary.
7:15    Clean up last night’s messes, if any.
7:30    Food and fresh water.
7:45    Pick up the food bowl. Take the pup to her potty spot; wait and praise.
8:00    The pup plays around your feet while you drink coffee and prepare breakfast. It has now been one hour since you got up. Console yourself that, if you’ve been following this schedule so far, you shouldn’t have had any new messes to clean up for the past hour.
8:15    Potty time again.
8:30    Put the pup in her crate for a nap.
10:00    When the pup wakes, out to potty.
10:15    The puppy is in her corral with safe toys to chew and play with. As you watch your pup at play, observe her behavior. Learn to recognize what she does immediately before eliminating. Any sudden searching, sniffing, or circling behavior is a likely sign she has to go. As soon as you see that, carry or lead the pup to her potty spot and calmly tell her to eliminate. Praise her success. If you miss the moment and arrive sometime after the flood, do not scold or punish. It’s not the pup’s fault you were late.
10:45    Potty break.
11:00    Playtime.
11:30    Potty time again.
11:45    Food and fresh water.
12:00 p.m. Pick up the food bowl and take the pup to her potty spot.
12:15    Crate the pup for a nap with a safe chew toy.
2:00    Potty break.
2:15    Snack and beginner obedience training practice.
2:45    Potty break.
3:00    Put the pup in her corral with safe toys and chews for solitary play and/or a nap.
4:15    Potty break.
4:30    Make the pup a part of household activities by putting her on a leash and taking her around the house with you. Watch and guide your pup’s behavior. When she needs to eliminate, you’ll be right there to notice, take her to the
5:00    Food and fresh water.
5:15    Potty break.
5:30    The pup may play nearby (either leashed or in her corral) while you prepare your evening meal.
6:00    Potty break, then crate the pup while you eat and clean up after dinner.
7:00    Potty break.
7:15    Leashed or closely watched, this is a good time for the pup to play and socialize with family and visitors for a few hours. Offer the pup water occasionally throughout the evening (a dog needs water to digest her food). Take the pup to the potty spot whenever she acts like she needs to go.
9:00    Last water of the evening.
9:15    Potty break. Then crate pup or keep her close to you. Do not let her wander off unescorted.
10:45    Last chance to potty.
11:00    Put the pup to bed in her crate for the night. Go to bed yourself and get some rest. You’ve earned it!
3:00 or 4:00 a.m. Your pup awakes and has to eliminate. Take her to the potty spot and make sure she does everything she has to do. Then re-crate the pup with a safe, quiet chew toy and go back to sleep.

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