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English Bulldog - Homemade DietsEnglish Bulldog owners who feed homemade diets usually do so because they are concerned about the quality of commercially available foods. Some owners do not want their dogs eating the additives or preservatives that are in many commercial dog foods. Others cook their dog’s food so that they can control exactly what their English Bulldogs eat. Many people began making homemade diets for their dogs during and after the pet food recalls of 2007.

English Bulldog Food vs People Food
Many of the foods we eat are excellent sources of nutrients – after all, we do just fine on them. But dogs, like us, need the right combination of meat and other ingredients for a complete and balanced diet, and a bowl of meat doesn’t provide that. In the wild, dogs eat the fur, skin, bones, and guts of their prey, and even the contents of the stomach.
This doesn’t mean your dog can’t eat what you eat. A little meat, dairy, bread, some fruits, or vegetables as a treat are great. Just remember, we’re talking about the same food you eat, not the gristly, greasy leftovers you would normally toss in the trash. Stay away from sugar, too, and remember that chocolate and alcohol are toxic to English Bulldogs.
If you want to share your food with your Bulldog, be sure the total amount you give her each day doesn’t make up more than 15% of her diet, and that the rest of what you feed her is a top-quality complete and balanced dog food. (More people food could upset the balance of nutrients in the commercial food).
Can your dog eat an entirely homemade diet? Certainly, if you are willing to work at it. Any homemade diet will have to be carefully balanced, with all the right nutrients in just the right amounts. It requires a lot of research to make a proper homemade diet, but it can be done. It’s best to work with a veterinary nutritionist.

There are many resources now available to English Bulldog owners who wish to feed a homemade diet. Just make sure the diet is complete and contains all the nutrients your English Bulldog needs. Keep a line of communication open with your veterinarian so that they can monitor your dog’s continued good health.

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