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When To Bring Your English Bulldog Puppy HomePick a time when you will be at home for several days. Your English Bulldog puppy needs to get to know you, to become acclimated to his new home, and to get comfortable with his daily schedule of walks, playtime, and perhaps his new food (don’t change food, unless it’s absolutely necessary, for several days, and then change it gradually).

English Bulldog Puppy Essentials
You’ll need to go shopping before you bring your English Bulldog puppy home. There are many, many adorable and tempting items at pet supply stores, but these are the basics.
Food and water dishes. Look for bowls that are wide and low or weighted in the bottom so that they will be harder to tip over. Stainless steel bowls are a good choice because they are easy to clean (plastic never gets completely clean) and almost impossible to break. Avoid bowls that place the food and water side by side in one unit –  it’s too easy for your dog to get his water dirty that way.
Leash. A six-foot leather leash will be easy on your hands and very strong.
Collar. Start with a nylon buckle collar. For a perfect fit, you should be able to insert two fingers between the collar and your pup’s neck. Your English Bulldog will need larger collars as he grows up.
– Crate. Choose a sturdy crate that is easy to clean and large enough for your puppy to stand up, turn around, and lie down in.
Nail cutters. Get a good, sharp pair that are the appropriate size for the nails you will be cutting. Your dog’s breeder or veterinarian can give you some guidance here.
Grooming tools. Different kinds of dogs need different kinds of grooming tools.
Chew toys. Dogs must chew, especially puppies. Make sure you get things that won’t break or crumble off in little bits, which the dog can choke on. Very hard plastic bones are a good choice. Dogs love rawhide bones, too, but pieces of the rawhide can get caught in your dog’s throat, so they should only be allowed when you are there to supervise.
Toys. Watch for sharp edges and unsafe items such as plastic eyes that can be swallowed. Many toys come with squeakers, which dogs can also tear out and swallow. All dogs will eventually destroy their toys; as each toy is torn apart, replace it with a new one.

He needs some free time to explore. He needs to be held and loved. Just imagine yourself in his place: He has no idea where he is and who you are. Your English Bulldog puppy can’t talk, and he can’t really understand what you are saying. Everything is new and different. It takes time, but the time you spend with him now will help him learn to trust you and be a happy, confident animal living a wonderful life.

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