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English Bulldog - Safety Is ImportantWhen your new English Bulldog comes home, he’s not going to know where he is, who everyone in your family is, and why he’s there. He may settle in with no problems at all, or he may be a little stressed. If your Bulldog is a baby puppy, he may be curious and may want to explore the house, yard, and garage. If your new Bulldog is an adult, he may be worried and may try to escape from the yard. In any case, it’s very important that you make sure everything –  house, yard, and garage –  are safe and secure before you bring home your new English Bulldog.

A Secure Yard

Your Bulldog will be happiest spending time in the house with you. However, he will also enjoy some time outside basking in the sun or snoozing in the shade. Your yard needs to be safe and the fence secure.
The yard should be free of any-thing your Bulldog might decide to turn into a toy, including gardening tools, kids’ toys, and pool tools, toys, and supplies. English Bulldogs have powerful jaws, and if your dog decides to chew on anything, it will be destroyed. Besides causing damage, your dog may also hurt himself.
Make sure there are no chemicals around that might tempt your dog. Put away all insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and anything else you use in the yard or pool. When stored away, put them behind a good latch or better yet, a lock.
The fence also needs to be strong and secure. Although English Bulldogs are not known for their jumping abilities, they can climb. If the firewood is piled up against the fence, your Bulldog may decide to climb up and over. In addition, Bulldogs are strong. When faced with a weak fence and something interesting outside the fence, your Bulldog may decide to go right on through it.
Once you have made your yard as safe and secure as it can be, walk around and take another look at it from your English Bulldog’s point of view. Bend down or get down on your knees. Do you see that cord dangling from the spa motor? A Bulldog puppy will chew that. See the potted plants on the porch with leaves dangling from the pots? Those will be great fun to chew up. How about the ties that hold the cushions on the lawn chairs? Those are fun to pull on. Double-check to make sure your English Bulldog will be safe and can cause as few problems as possible.

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