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English Bulldog - Breeder, Rescue, Shelter Or Free?Before you can bring a English Bulldog home, you must find one. Bulldogs are not a prolific breed. Compared with other breeds, English Bulldog litters are usually small, and most puppies must be delivered by cesarean section. The demand for puppies generally is greater than the supply. Have patience; your Bulldog is worth waiting for. Take time to find the puppy who is just what you have been dreaming about and enjoy the complete and nonjudgmental love and devotion that dog will offer.

Reputable Breeders

A reputable breeder is someone who breeds a specific breed of dogs and knows about their breed, has studied the genetics of dog breeding, and chooses the sire (father) and dam (mother) of each litter carefully.
Reputable breeders usually show their dogs in conformation dog shows so that the judges (who are also breeders) can evaluate their dogs. They will also have the necessary health checks done before breeding their dogs.
Most English Bulldog breeders are sincere, honest people. They care about the welfare of their dogs and want only the best for you and the dog. A breeder who really cares about their dogs will screen potential buyers carefully because they are concerned about the future of their puppies. You may be asked to fill out an application and will be asked for references. If you don’t sound like a good match for one of the puppies, the breeder will not sell you one. Don’t take this personally. The breeder is not saying you’re a bad person. They are simply saying that perhaps a Bulldog is not the right dog for you.
How do you find a reputable breeder? If you know someone who has a wonderful Bulldog, ask them where they got their dog. Ask the American Kennel Club for its list of breeders, or ask the Bulldog Club of America, which will direct you to breeders in your part of the country.
If you buy a puppy (or dog) from a reputable breeder, they will be there for you in the future. They will be able to answer questions about their dogs and the breed in general, and will be able to guide you as your English Bulldog grows through puppyhood and on into old age. The breeders of several of my dogs have turned into lifelong good friends.

Backyard Breeders

A backyard breeder is someone who has bred their dog but does not have the knowledge (or desire, or energy, or finances) to do what is necessary to produce the best dogs possible. Pet owners who pay a lot of money for their English Bulldog sometimes decide to try to earn that money back by breeding the dog and selling the pups. These breeders do not research the pedigrees of their dogs to deter¬mine whether they are suitable breeding candidates, and the tests that can help predict the soundness of puppies are not done.
Sometimes a litter “appears” when the female has not been spayed and no efforts are made to keep her confined when she comes into season. The puppies may or may not be purebred, and the father (or fathers) of the litter may not be known.
Backyard breeders can produce some very nice puppies; it’s happened before and will happen again. Unfortunately, they may also have less to offer you, especially when it comes to knowledge and experience. If you have problems with your puppy, will that person be able to help you?

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