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If English Bulldogs Could Choose Their OwnersIf English Bulldogs could choose their owners instead of the other way around, they would probably choose someone who enjoyed life as much as English Bulldogs do. The ability to laugh at silly things would definitely be high on the Bulldog’s list of owner requirements.
Bulldogs can be couch potatoes, and an owner who enjoys this too would make a Bulldog happy. But it’s important for the Bulldog’s health that he goes for walks, so the owner should be willing to walk the dog every day.
The Bulldog’s owner must also have creative and innovative dog training skills, as well as lots of patience. Training is important, but not all Bulldogs agree. The owner also has to take the time to socialize his English Bulldog and make sure his Bulldog is well behaved in public.
Most important, the very best owner for any English Bulldog is an owner who loves his dog.

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