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Problem English BulldogsUnfortunately, as with other breeds, there are some English Bulldogs with problems. Every breed can produce the dog who may never be an enjoyable companion. But English Bulldogs can be strong and powerful, so a problem dog could harm someone.
Beware of extremes –  dogs who are too bold and aggressive or dogs who are very fearful and timid. Bulldogs who are too bold are not good examples of the breed and may be dangerous to people. English Bulldogs who are fearful and timid are poor representatives of the breed, too, and may bite when they are very afraid.
Good breeders are careful to choose dogs for breeding stock who are of good character and personality. Unfortunately, even careful breeders can sometimes still have a problem dog. Just don’t feel sorry for that dog and take him on as a personal challenge. The risks are too great.
Although poor breeding practices create some of the bad dogs we see, people can also turn a good dog into a bad one. A dog who is neglected, unsocialized, teased, tormented, or treated unfairly for too long can turn into a dangerous dog.

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