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The Pet English Bulldog (Part II)Sleeping Habits

Bulldogs are usually delighted to share your bed or sleep on their own in your bedroom. But beware –  most English Bulldogs snore. They do not have a quiet, soft snore, either. It is a loud, regular snore. To the experienced Bulldog owner, this snore is music –  an indication that all is right in the household. But if you are someone who must have absolute silence in your bedroom, your English Bulldog must sleep at the other side of the house.
If, for some reason, it is impossible for your dog to share your bedroom, select a permanent spot for him to sleep. A laundry or utility room, if it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, is ideal. A wire crate with a blanket or rug (not indoor-outdoor carpeting) for a bed is the next best thing to sharing your bed. This setup also gives the Bulldog a place of his own during the day. He can go there as he wishes, or you can put him there and close the door if things are happening in your home that a dog should not be part of.

Unpleasant Noises and Smells

Unfortunately, Bulldogs are prone to flatulence. This flatulence is not just a mild whiff of an odor, but can be a room-clearing, eye-watering, sneezing type of flatulence.
When my husband and I were still caring for Chesty, we were all (my husband and I, the two German Shepherd Dogs, and Chesty) in the living room one evening with all the dogs asleep on the floor. Suddenly Watachie, our older German Shepherd, got up and left the room. This was odd, because the German Shepherds liked to be close to us, but I figured maybe he had a bad dream.
A few seconds later, though, Michi, our younger German Shepherd, left the room –  quickly! Just as I was ready to get up and check on both those dogs, a foul odor wafted over. I began to choke, my eyes watered, and my nose began to run! My husband soon smelled it too, and we left the room. Chesty, unaware that he had cleared the room, slept on.
Luckily, as we soon learned, when Bulldogs are fed a good-quality diet, the flatulence will decrease. It rarely disappears, but it will be less.

English Bulldogs Need Exercise

English Bulldogs are not high-energy dogs. Unlike the Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, or Labrador Retrievers, Bulldogs will be happy with a walk, a play session, and then a nap.
Although the English Bulldog doesn’t exactly crave exercise, he does need some. Exercise is necessary for maintaining his good health, just as it is for keeping his human friends in their prime. A walk at a brisk pace will be good for both you and your dog. Having your Bulldog chase and retrieve a ball gets him running about, as well. In addition, Bulldogs are prone to obesity, and exercise can help prevent that.

English Bulldogs Can’t Stand the Heat

Bulldogs are bracycephalic (short-muzzled), and they tend to overheat easily. Dogs do not perspire over their entire body and are only cooled by panting and sweating through the pads of their feet, so extra precautions must be taken in hot weather. Walk your dog in the early morning or after sundown. Never leave your dog in the car, even if the windows are down. Stationary cars become very hot in just a few minutes and are virtual death traps.
Don’t take your English Bulldog for a walk in hot, humid weather or ask him to play ball then, either. Training classes should be in the morning or evening, and if you’re going to a ball game, picnic, or family reunion in the heat, leave the Bulldog at home.

English Bulldogs Like Other Pets

In addition to people, English Bulldogs also like other dogs and cats if they grow up together or if they are introduced correctly. English Bulldogs are not inherently aggressive (although they are creatures of habit), and if introduced in a positive man-ner, they will accept just about anything.
However, if another dog (or other animal) challenges a Bulldog, the Bulldog will not back down. This can cause problems, so make sure introductions are handled on leash and with praise, treats, games, and just enough obedience training to enforce good behavior. If you need help, call a dog trainer to give you a hand.

English Bulldogs Love Life

Bulldogs have a definite joy about life. That smile is not just because the breed has a wide jaw; it’s also representative of the Bulldog’s attitude toward every-thing. English Bulldogs feel there are fun and laughter everywhere. What a wonderful attitude!

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