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The World According to English BulldogsToday’s English Bulldogs make wonderful pets. After many years of careful breeding, all of the English Bulldog’s excellent qualities have been retained and the fighting temperament has been bred out.
While we were in the U.S. Marine Corps, my husband, Paul, and I cared for and trained one of the Marine Corps’ mascots named Chesty. We were assigned to Marine Barracks “8th & I” in Washington, D.C., and Chesty went to work with us every day and came home with us at night. He played with our two German Shepherd Dogs and had no idea his legs weren’t as long as theirs; he sure tried hard enough to keep up! Chesty played hard, trained hard, slept hard, and ate, well, you know.
Every English Bulldog is unique, but they all share many of the same characteristics. First and foremost is a courageous personality. Second is a distinctive appearance. And third is a devotion to their people.

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