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English Bulldog - How Popularity HarmsBulldog breeders and owners have a sincere interest in protecting the breed from overbreeding. To some extent, the EnglishBulldog herself provides some protection against that happening, because Bulldogs are not prolific breeders. Their litters are small when compared with many other breeds, and cesarean sections are almost always necessary, so the initial cost of breeding is greater than with most other breeds.
Bulldog breeders recognize that there are too many puppies being born (of all breeds) each year who will become homeless and die untimely deaths. Breeders do not want this fate for Bulldogs (or any dog), so, under the direction of BCA, a Bulldog rescue group was established. Humane societies and animal shelters know whom to call in their area if a English Bulldog is brought to them; veterinarians also know whom to call if they receive an unwanted Bulldog. At the expense of BCA, this homeless, unwanted animal is given a complete physical examination, medical care, and neutering, and will soon be ready for a new home that has been evaluated for suitability. For a reasonable sum, the new owner has a wonderful English Bulldog. The dog is to be returned to rescue if for some reason she can no longer stay in her new home. Many other breed clubs have established the same type of rescue program.
Breeding dogs and owning dogs are serious, long-term commitments. It has been said that the measure of a man can be taken by the way he treats children and dogs!

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